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Play out loud at home.

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

With everything we have to do as parents sometimes on the weekend, all you want to do is rest. At the same time, you may want to take the little ones somewhere. I know decision, decision. Of course, choosing which one to do is always hard. Neither one is a bad choice but I know you may need some rest from all the wonderful and exciting stuff that goes on during the week but you also want to have fun with your kids on the weekend. Guess what you can do both, Yes do both by creating a beautiful playland at home then you can put your feet up to get some rest until you hear someone calling for Mama.

This is how we do both. From the backyard to the living room, whichever place you choose your kids can have fun at home. I grabbed the pool and added about 400 little balls to create a ball pit. I added giant beach balls, and the water table, and set up a candy store for fun. The candy store had all my son and daughter's favorite candies, chips, and a snowball station, and of course, I had to bring out the popcorn machine for my son. Popcorn is his absolute favorite snack. It trumps everything that was on the table.

With all these wonderful items I already had at home, I was able to create this playland for my kids in the backyard. Of course, it didn’t count me anything to do this because I already had these items in my home but this is a small investment for many wonderful play days to come. Even my daughter was having fun and laughing.

Please don’t go crazy buying toys and trying to make them perfect. Whatever toys and snacks are your kids' favorite lay them out for them and enjoy the day. This will make them so happy and keep them busy for a couple of hours. They will always love you no matter what you do. My son asks me the next day if could he do the same thing again, that made me so happy because he had fun, and that’s what matters, the smiles on their faces. When it comes to getting toys and party supplies I recommend getting items from Amazon. They do have all the fun stuff for a great play day for a wonderful price because of course, we are still mamas with a budget but still, we want to show our kiddo a good time.

Play Out Loud At Home
KarterJames and KylieJade

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